Alaska Advanced Dentistry Review

Dr. Rex Malcolm is the principal dentist at Alaska Advanced Dentistry. He holds a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Georgia and has been practicing for the last 18 years. His partner Dr. Klump has been practicing for over 15 years and is adept in functional solutions as well as implants. He also served … Read more

Alaska Dental Associates Review

Although Alaska Dental Associates offers several dental services, it focuses mainly on taking care of out patients. The team educates patients on dental treatment and oral hygiene. Instead of pushing their patients towards making certain dental care decisions, they list out the options available to each patient and also outline the pros and cons of … Read more

AKICS Dental Clinic Review

Alaska Island Community Services is a division of SEARHC and it is a community based organization founded to provide quality health care services to the community and all the surrounding areas. It was established in 1989 in Wrangell. It began to provide Core Mental Health Services to the Wrangell community and the communities around it … Read more

Alaska Endodontic Specialists Review

The Alaska Endodontic Specialists is a team of esteemed dental specialists with extensive experience in the field. Members of the team specialize on attending to clients referred to their offices from the various dental clinks linked to their offices in Alaska and the neighboring states. Drs. Harkacz and Mauger form the top leadership of the … Read more

Mint Dental Alaska Review

Despite the competitive nature of the dental care in the United States, the state of Alaska enjoys some of the best practices conducted by some of the notable names in the industry. One of the highly valued dental destinations by customers located in the northwestern extremes of the United States is the Mint Dental at … Read more

Pediatric Dental Clinic Review

Finding the best dentist can be hard, but getting an expert who focuses on children’s dental issues can be much more difficult. Years of experience, dexterous hands, and welcoming smiles are what sets Alabama’s Pediatric Dental Clinic apart from the rest. Kids Love Dr. Merritt Dr. David H. Merritt, license number 3267, is the principal … Read more

Turner Family Dentistry Review

The two dentists in the clinic are Dr. Turner and Dr. Nelson and both of them specialize in cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Jim Turner offers more than 30 years experience in dentistry. He attended John Carroll High School in Birmingham and also got his BS from the University of Alabama. He later got his DDS from … Read more

The Dental Office of Moody Review

Dr. H. Grady Swicord, DMD is the owner and principal dentist at the Dental Office of Moody, Inc clinic. He has practiced dentistry since graduation from the University of Alabama School of Dentistry in 1985. Dr. Swicord’s professional associations include the American Dental Association, Birmingham Society of Advanced Dentistry, and the Birmingham District Dental Society. … Read more

Midfield Dental Center Review

Having started operation in the late 60s, Midfield Dental Center is among the oldest dental centers in the whole of Alabama. While it started out as a one-doctor dental center, it gradually expanded into a bigger, multi-doctor center that you see now. Even though they have been in operation for several decades, their mission of … Read more

Woodlawn Dental Review

Woodlawn Dental serves the Crestwood and Gardendale communities and the Alabama community at large. Here are some mentions of why the Woodlawn Dental is a preferred dental facility in Alabama. The Staff The Woodlawn Dental facility is served by a team of dentist, technicians and support staff that is highly trained, skilled and dedicated to … Read more