AKICS Dental Clinic Review

Alaska Island Community Services is a division of SEARHC and it is a community based organization founded to provide quality health care services to the community and all the surrounding areas. It was established in 1989 in Wrangell. It began to provide Core Mental Health Services to the Wrangell community and the communities around it in 1990.

Over the years, the organization took on more responsibilities by including the care of seniors and people with disability. They also began to rehabilitate the youth through a program known as Crossings Program.

Their Services

The services currently offered by the organization include Pharmacy, Senior and Disability Services, Crossing Programs, Behavioral Health, Dental Clinic, and Medical Clinic. In addition, they can help patients to coordinate their medical records for specialist in case the patients are referred to the specialists. This will help specialists get all the relevant medical information about their patients and in turn offer the most appropriate medical services. This service is known as referral services.

When a physician attends to a patient and thinks the patient needs to take more tests or needs to see a specialist, the physician will fill a referral form on behalf of the patient and forward it to the referral team. Referrals are usually initiated after 2 days of receiving the receipt but efforts are being made to reduce the waiting time.

The Team in Alaska Island Community Services

The medical clinical services are provided by Donna Paul, an advanced nurse practitioner, Lynn Prysunka, a medical doctor, Victor .S. Harrison, another medical doctor, Laura Ballou, a family nurse practitioner, and some Locum physicians.

The dental clinic services are handled by Charles Haubrich, DDS, Valerie Stokes, a hygienist, and some Locum dentists. The behavioral health services are provided by Addy Esco and Brooke Reynolds who are both licensed clinical social workers and Krissy Smith who has both Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Psychology.

The pharmaceutical services are handled by Marilyn Schepler who is a pharmacist. Patients’ referral services are provided by Dawn Davidson and Ruth Stough.


  • The cost of medical services provided by the organization is relatively lower
  • All their services are handled by highly experienced specialists
  • Referral services is a rare addition


  • They still need more hands to meet the demand for their services to reduce patients’ waiting time

How to reach them

You can reach the organization by feeling the online contact form or by calling any of the numbers below.

Crossings Program – 907-874-2371

Seniors & Disability Services /Behavioral Health – 907-874-2373

Dental Office – 907-874-3731

Medical Clinic – 907-874-4700

Pharmacy – 907-874-5005

Their mail address is: PO BOX 1231 Wrangell, AK 99929