Alabama Dental Associates Review

Alabama Dental Associates is one of the highly rated dentist facility in West Midlands, England, It is located at 3920 Grants Mill Road in Alabama. The facility boast of highly qualified doctors and support staff who offer quality services. Here is what makes the Alabama Dental association stand out in England and the entire European dental fraternity.


As a facility, the Alabama Dental Associates is served by three highly rated doctors. They are Dr. Richesin, Dr. Richerzhagen, and Dr. Newdome. In association, the three doctors who have been in the industry for many years offer diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the teeth, gums, and the jaw.

Dr. Richesin is the oldest of the three in the dental practice. He has over 25 years as a member of the Alabama Dental Association practicing prevention and restoration procedures as well as conducting general dentistry and cosmetic procedures. Dr. Richerzhagen and Dr. Newdome joined the Alabama Dental association in 2002 and 2007 respectively. Richesin and Richerzhagen earned their Doctor of Dental Medicine degrees from the University of Alabama, while Newdome had his dentistry studies at the Medical College of Georgia.

Together with the staff, the three doctors form a highly respected team of passionate workers. They are regarded as one of the highest preferred dental practitioners in England owing to their humane, humor and quality of services.

Services offered

The Alabama Dental Associates practices a wide range of services in the dental field. They include general dental services such as oral hygiene care, sealants, fillings, dental cleaning, bonding, sedation, crown and bridges, tooth extractions and root canal services. They also offer dental implants, dentures, dental whitening, nightguards, x-rays, telescope loupes, veneers and lumineers, shade matching, appointment reminders, and claim processing.

Customer Review

Testimonial reviews on various platform put the Alabama Dental associates at the top as one of the most preferred destinations for dental clients in the West Midlands. Out of 55 reviews on its Facebook page, the Alabama Dental Associates is rated 4.8 out of the possible 5 stars. The reviews show the facility as trustworthy and enjoyable to attend. All other customer reviews of the Alabama Dental Associates users on the internet give an above 4.5-star rating of the facility as it is synonymous with caring, satisfaction and therefore happiness to its wide range of clients.

Contact Information

Clients can book appointments by appearing physically on the Alabama Dental Associates premises at 3920 Grants Mill Road, Birmingham, AL 35210 during their opening hours from Monday to Saturday. Alternatively, their phone number is 205-956-8977 or Fax at 205-956-8340 for convenience.

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