ARcare Dental Review

ARcare Dental is a branch of the widespread services from the ARcare healthcare provider. ARcare practices primary care, women services, behavioral health, HIV programs, pediatrics and parental services, chronic diseases such a heart and liver complications, orthopedics as well as operating a center for education and wellness in over 34 locations in rural Arkansas. The dental center is characterized by a variety of unique features in the dental industry.

Doctors and Staff

Services at the ARcare Dental clinic is facilitated through, among other dental service providers, the Bald Knob Medical and Dental Clinic which runs a number of centers in the state. Dr. Steve Collier founded the White Rural Health Care Inc., a nonprofit medical organization that changed its name to ARcare in early the 1980s. To, day, Collier heads over 3,000 employees in the network working in 3 states, 26 cities in the United States. In combination, the healthcare and dental centers ran by the organization serve more than 300,000 patients and encounters. Dr. Collier boats of some of the highly respected dentists in Arkansas with experiences running to over 3 decades. The staff is humble, dedicated and understanding.


Dental services at ARcare Dental include cosmetic procedures, examinations, and consultancy. Patents undergo dental examinations to determine their complications to find the best recommendable procedures for oral happiness. General dentistry at the clinic include services such as teeth whitening, dental bonding, dental filling, dental implants and root canals. Technological procedures utilized include low dose x-ray and laser dentistry.

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and rating for ARcare Dental are scarce on the internet. However, there exist a number of reviews by workers and other stakeholders for the general organization, which display a fair picture applicable e to the dental clinic. The organization is rated 3.1 stars out of the possible 5.0 after 5 reviews at On Facebook, 35 reviews give 3.9 stars while gives a 3.5-star rating from 28 reviews. The low rating is owed by the facility’s practice of free to subsided services that are sometimes regarded as low quality by some clients.

Pros and Cons

ARcare Dental offers online payment systems for bill settlement. Services are cheaper than most dental facilities in the state and they are sometimes free. The clinic accepts almost all public and private insurance health formulations. However, patients may be referred to other dental facilities for more specialized procedures.


Appointments with ARcare Dental may involve visiting the organization’s website for location assistance. Otherwise, the services are available at

2802 Hwy 367 N.

Bald Knob, Arkansas 72010

Phone: (501) 724-6208

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