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Aspen Dental is a dental facility in the United States of America. It is a subsidiary operation of the Aspen Dental Management, Inc., a corporation that practices administrative and business support activities. The clinic operates in 6 locations within and without the state of Arkansas.

Doctors and Staff

The office of Aspen Dental at Jonesboro, Arkansas is served by Scott C Dickinson, DMD-PA. Scott has been in the dental industry for decades. His services have been experienced in Florida and other states of the US. He holds a license as a General Dentist and has practiced dentistry with Aspen Dental since 1998. Scott is a member of numerous prestigious dental organizations in the in Arkansas and the wider United States. He leads a team of passionate and well-trained dentists, technicians and support staff who work with perfection.


Aspen Dental runs an emergency dental care unit in the facility. However, both emergency and regular appointments are treated with utmost importance. The services offered at the clinic include oral and dental checkups, treatment of periodontal diseases, and extraction of teeth, filling services, root canal, and dental crowns. The clinic is famous for its handling of dentures of all types as well as cosmetic procedures. Patients benefit with subsidized oral health services at the Aspen Dental which include education on oral hygiene, screening of gum disease, treatment of cavities, mouth and throat cancer screening and TMJ.

Reviews and Ratings

Facebook 1 star rating

3 reviews on Facebook rates the clinic 2.3 stars. has 23 reviews on Aspen Dental that have an average rate of 1.2 stars while most dental service rating side rates the clinic between 1 and 3 stars out of the possible 5.0. While a few of the patients were happy and recommend the services to friends and relatives, most clients question the clinic’s payment systems.

Pros and Cons

Aspen Dental offers free x-ray examinations to all patients visiting the facility. Services are offered at an affordable cost while payment is flexibly made through a wide range of billing options both online and offline. A patient can make an appointment for Aspen Dental services at any of the 6 offices located about 75 miles apart.

Despite the glory displayed by the excellence of services at the clinic, Aspen Dental is condemned through many complaints as an extortionist. Many clients cry of subjection to the undisclosed signing of agreements that render loss of funds through services in the clinic. The facility, also, serves a number of lawsuits due to alleged fraud to its clients.


2203 Red Wolf Blvd Suite A

Jonesboro, AR 72401

(870) 626-0268

Or get directions online.

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