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The Community Dental Clinic is run by the crown-Sebastian Community Development Council in the state of Arkansas. C-SCDC is a multi-sectoral health agency that is run and managed by both the public and the private sector. It has an aim to improve the lives of the low-income individuals in both rural and urban Arkansas especially residents of Sebastian and Crawford. Some of the important features of the Community Dental Clinic are discussed here.

Staff and Management

The clinic is managed by Lisa Woodard, a clinic officer who has been with the agency for decades. Woodard serves with a huge team of dentists who work at the clinic as volunteers while some are on a paycheck. The dentists, hygienist, the technical team and other members of the clinic are highly qualified individuals with training and experience in the industry across the United States and beyond. They are conditioned to work dedicatedly even at a low pay to serve dental patients who cannot afford the normal cost charged by the private sector. Some of the dentists and staff at the clinic are inspired individuals sourced from the working poor and humanitarians.

Services Offered

Community Dental Clinic is serving the community through a variety of operations that range from general to specialized dental procedures. People from the poverty-ridden communities can access free to low-cost dental treatment at the facilities as their pay is catered for by C-SCDC and the government.

While dental services are limited at the clinic, dentists are famous for extraction and refills of cavities. They also offer screening of oral cancer as well as limited services on dentures. The clinic also offers extensive services such as dental education. Children benefit from the clinic’s Tooth Fairy Program that teaches then techniques about oral hygiene.

Reviews and Ratings

The Community Dental Clinic is rated 3.8/5.0 stars after 8 reviews from its clients on Reviews by Google rate the facility 4.6 stars after 5 reviews. In general, reviews from clients and staff is scarce on the internet. However, the clinic is displayed to be a recommendable dental solution for many people.

Pros and Cons

The clinic benefits a majority of the low-income community, the elderly poor and the homeless. Prices are relatively low while payment is accepted through a wide range of insurance programs. However, there is a limited number of special dental programs in the facility. It may, also, take a lot of time to receive treatment at the clinic due to long queues.


Community Dental Clinic

3428 Armour, Fort Smith, AR 72904

Phone 479-782-6021

Fax 479-709-0161

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