Conway Interfaith Clinic Review

CHI St. Vincent is a top-notch clinic that offers compassionate and excellent human care at a considerate rate.

An overview of CHI St. Vincent Management

The clinic is a Catholic-based health initiative that was established in 1888. Dr. Chad Aduddell is both the Chief Executive Officer and the principal doctor at Conway Interfaith Clinic.

The clinic has a committed and dedicated medical group who offer a wide range of urgent care, rehabilitation, primary care, and home health. There is Polly Davenport and Shawn Barnett, two skilled doctors who serve as Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Financial Officer respectively.

Based in Little Rock, Conway Interfaith Clinic has more than 300 service providers, 500 volunteers, 1000 medical staff, and 4,500 coworkers who are well-trained to offer both surgical and medical tasks.

Chad S. Aduddell, who is the CHI St. Vincent’s CEO, governs the board of directors that is responsible for checking the health network progress. The board of directors members includes Chuck Erwin, Tim Goodson, Rush Harding, Charles Nabholz, Drew Kumpuris, and Gus Blass III.

Key services offered

Conway Interfaith Clinic offers a wide range of dental services such as teeth whitening digital X-rays and oral cancer screening. Other key services offered include imaging, urogynecology, radiology, and primary care.


Based on individual and personal needs, the clinic allows you to choose a treatment plan that is not only affordable but also quality. Conway Interfaith Clinic also allows you to choose a payment plan, where insurance plans and credit cards are prioritized on. The co-workers, staff, and doctors have a special way of welcoming patients.

The staff creates a warm and conducive environment for providing health care and dentistry services, a key reason that has contributed to the success of the clinic.

Conway Interfaith Clinic emphasizes more on social justice and human dignity. According to Dr. Chad, achieving optimal health and the communities well-being as a whole leads to the transformation of both the primary and health care.

Awards and Recognitions

The clinic has managed to take home a number of top-ranked awards and recognitions such as the magnet status, the healthcare hero awards, the 101 most social media friendly hospitals of 2018, and the Susan G. Komen honors. Other key awards include silver quality achievement and lifeline award.

Conway Interfaith Clinic is a reliable and a recommendable clinic. To set up an appointment, simply fill out your credentials on an online patient form.

Contact Information

For assistance or media inquiries, feel free to contact the communications department hotline at 501.351.6816. You can also use the “Find a Doctor” option that is readily available at the “Contact Us” page at and start a conversation with the support staff regardless of your language.