Dentistry in the United Kingdom

Crooked British teeth – this is a stereotype that has dogged this nation for a long time. But this joke is old, outdated and not factual. Visit any part of the United Kingdom and you will get lots of Hollywood smiles, even in the pubs!

Computerized smile analysis, teeth straightening, laser whitening and other cosmetic dentistry practices have recorded an ever-growing list of customers. This trend shows that the UK is showing a similar fixation on dental cosmetics like the United States. Customers are also willing to part with significant amounts for cutting-edge dental practices especially if they are delivered in an exclusive and private clinic setting.

The following are some of the most popular dentistry clinics run by well-known dentists:

Harley Street Dental Clinic

Harley Street Dental Clinic is well known for cosmetic dentistry practices. Some of the charges for popular dental procedures include;

  • CT scan – £150-£250
  • Enlighten tooth whitening – £700
  • Root canal treatment – £650
  • Crowns – from £895
  • Dental implants – £1500

The website allows patients to book free consultations.

This dental clinic has received plenty of positive online reviews and is run by Samar Khamis, a well-known dentist. Many of her clients commend her for the expertise that she portrays in this field. The staff is friendly to make you feel at ease.

Eastman Dental Hospital

This is a specialist hospital for dental treatment and is located in London. England. It is part of the University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. EDH provides comprehensive oral health services mainly focusing on specialized treatment needs including diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of conditions affecting the mouth, salivary glands, and facial bones.

Eastman Dental is run by Mr. Hemming

Some online reviews are not that positive with clients reporting long wait times and disgraceful experiences. EDH doesn’t have its own website meaning there is no online information on services offered and dental charges. However, this information can be obtained at the hospital.

Address: 256 Grays Inn Rd, London WC1X 8LD, UK
Phone: +44 20 3456 7890
Founded: 1931
Parent organization: UCL Advances

The London Smile Clinic

The London Smile Clinic is an award-winning cosmetic dental clinic that uses the latest technology to give clients the best smiles and a peace of mind. The top dentist in this establishment is Dr. Padraig Fleming.

These are the top dental services offered at the clinic including the charges:

  • Dental health check – £80
  • Filing – £300
  • Orthodontics consultation – £80
  • The Inman Aligner – £1,950
  • Teeth whitening – £835
  • Porcelain veneers – £985
  • Porcelain crowns – £985

Majority of online reviews are positive showing that the clinic offers top-quality dentistry.

Address: 40-44 Clipstone St, Fitzrovia, London W1W 5DW, UK
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 5PM
Phone: +44 20 7255 2559

UK Smile

This is one of London’s leading clinics for general dentistry, dental implants, and orthodontics. UK smile is a respected dental clinic with over 20 years of experience and use of the latest advanced technology. The top dentist is Dr. Athyr.

Popular services offered include:

  • Dental implants
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Orthodontics
  • General dentistry

Charges range from £50-£7000 depending on the service that you want. Check the website for a complete list of dental procedures and charges.

Address: 81 Buckingham Gate, Westminster, London SW1E 6PE, UK
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: +44 20 7233 2323

Mawsley Dental Clinic

This clinic offers the latest dental techniques using state-of-the-art technology to maintain the good oral health of their clients. Patients can get NHS and private dentistry in a relaxing and modern setting, run by Caroline Mann and her team.

Charges range from £15-£2600 depending on the service that you want. Check the website for a complete list of services and charges.

Mawsley Dental Clinic has received a lot of positive online reviews portraying that their services are indeed of high quality.

Address: School Rd, Mawsley, Kettering NN14 1SN, UK
Phone: +44 1536 799210


When searching for a good dentist in the UK you should check their qualifications, specialization, years of experience and online reviews. We are constantly checking the internet to give you the right information. Keep it here for more updates and information.