Foundry Dental Center Review

The Foundry Dental Center has served Alabama with relevance since its establishment about a decade ago. Here are some of the features which make the Foundry Dental Center a highly sought after destination for dental services.


The Foundry Dental Center is served by two full-time doctors; Dr. Russell Moultrie and Dr. Dino Jacovides, who are assisted by a dozen of volunteering doctors, Advanced Education in General Dentistry, AEGD, doctors, and technicians. Dino Jacovides is a DMD and prosthodontist graduate from the University of Alabama with about 7 years of service at the Foundry Dental Center. Russell Moultrie, on the other hand, has over 40 years in the dentistry having graduated as a doctor of dentistry in the 1970s at UAB School of Dentistry. He joined the Foundry Dental Center in 2013.

The Foundry Dental Center fraternity is graced by the services of two highly respected clinical doctors in the dental field in Alabama; Prof. Michael McCracken and Guy Rosenstein. Michael is a Board-Certified Prosthodontist and a professor at the UAB School of Dentistry with notable contributions in the restoration of complex dental patients and implant dentistry. Rosenstein is a private practitioner and a former president of the Alabama Academy of Dentistry. He has served as dental implants, endodontists, anesthesiologist and CAD/CAM restoration technologist. All staff members have been rated as exceptionally dedicated to services at the Foundry Dental Center.


Foundry Dental Center was founded on the value of service to God is service to humanity and staff members are “grounded in the belief that God calls us to help others.” The facility was established about 40 years ago as a restoration center for the addicts, the homeless and the alcoholics before becoming a public dental center in 2009.


The Foundry Dental Center offers bonding, dental crowns and bridgework, dental implants, fillings, screening of oral cancer, periodontal disease screening, porcelain veneers, professional teeth cleanings, removal of dentures, root canal treatment, teeth whitening and tooth extractions. All services are available through appointments and emergency during the day from 9 to 5 PM between Monday and Friday except for every 4th Tuesday each month. Appointments at Foundry Dental Center are also available online.


Services at the Foundry Dental Center have been rated highly in different review platforms. gives the facility an A+ rating based on 13 reviews while other sites such as and Facebook give an impressive above 4.5/5.0 rating. According to customer reviews, there have been no disappointments on dental services at the Foundry Dental Center.


Contact the Foundry Dental Center physically at 1700 Sixth Avenue North

Bessemer, AL 35020 or through a call at (205) 434-2031.

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