Helmbrecht Dental Review

Fairbanks, Alaska is served by the Helmbrecht Dental, an outstanding health facility owing to a number of its dynamic characteristics.

Doctors and staff

Dr. Michael Helmbrecht has served the Helmbrecht Dental facilities since 1984. He holds a D.D.S dentistry from Marquette University where he graduated in 1981 after earning a graduate degree in science from the University of Alaska in 1977. Michael has worked at Helmbrecht Dental as a general dentist. Dr. Michael was joined at the Helmbrecht Dental facilities by Dr. Ecsile Chang in July 2018. Chang, a Fairbank-born dentist earned her Doctor of Medicine Degree from the Las Vegas School of Dental Medicine at the University of Nevada, after her Bachelors of Biological Science degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Behind the two prominent dentists is a team of dedicated technicians, office attendants and other support staff whose responsibility is to offer the best of services in the industry through warm hearts, smiles and specialized proficiency.


The team at the Helmbrecht Dental works around the clock on restorative dentistry that includes root canal therapy, fillings, dentures, bridges, crowns, and partial dentures. At the Helmbrecht Dental, clients undergo hygienic procedures that serve to understand the extent of fractures, stains, misalignments, corrosions and other abnormalities in the tooth. They also offer dental education to patients on preventive mechanisms against tooth problems as well as tooth denaturing activities and practices such as diet. The overall objective of the Helmbrecht Dental facility is to provide clients with the highest confidence in smiles through natural and cosmetic procedures.

Reviews and Ratings

According to dentalforce.com, 96.4 percent of all the reviews about the Helmbrecht Dental would refer the clinic to friends. The clients presented testimonies of satisfaction and pleasure from the procedures, interactions with the staff up to the end results. 30 reviews on the Helmbrecht Dental’s Facebook page gave the dental clinic 4.5 starts out of the possible 5 with an expression of satisfaction and valuable services. The clients talk high of the doctors, equipment, and services offered by the Helmbrecht Dental. At yelp.com, 3 reviews rate the Helmbrecht Dental as a 4.6-star facility.

Contact Details

At Helmbrecht Dental, services are available throughout the week either on an emergency call or on regular patient attendance. Patients can visit the clinic at their conveniences or contact the staff through the various online communication platforms the facility uses. Helmbrecht Dental is located at

421 3rd St

Fairbanks, AK 99701

(907) 456-1237 or make contact via email at


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