Inman Dental Clinic Review

Inman Dental Clinic is a major dental facility in North Little Rock in the state of Arkansas, United States. It is owned and managed by Dr. David B. Inman who serves to provide the best of dental services the industry allows him. Here are a few important mentions about the clinic.

Doctors and Staff

Dr. Inman is the president of the Inman Dental Clinic in Arkansas. He is a general dentist who practices other specialized dentistry practices such as oral and maxillofacial surgery. His many years of active medical license is a great confidence to the resident patients in the state. He has successfully passed all background checks including license verification and screening for malpractice history. Inman leads a team of highly qualified and experienced dentists who have been in the industry for decades and can handle a variety of both general and specialized practices and procedures. Together with the technicians and the support staff, Inman Dental Clinic is well coordinated to provide services in a perfect manner.


At Inman, Dental Clinic patients enjoy a variety of dental procedures and treatment practices. Services at the clinic can be generalized as diagnosis, treatment and prevention of teeth, gum and jaw diseases, fractures and any disorders.

The clinic is specialized in fillings, cleaning, teeth cleaning, root canal, extraction, dental check-ups, crowns, cavity and veneers among many others. Dental examination and cleaning services at Inman Dental Clinic include regular and emergency cleaning, regular cleaning with-rays, deep cleaning with x-rays as well as pediatric cleaning with x-rays.

Reviews and Ratings

Dr. Inman and his clinic enjoy some of the highest reviews and ratings from clients in Arkansas. Public ratings on Facebook rates the clinic 5/5 stars after 14 reviews. 34 reviews rated the facility 4.7 stars on that runs an in-depth analysis of the services, expertise, environment, staff, value and possible recommendations. Patients claim the clinic to be pleasant, satisfying and friendly to visitors.

Pros and Cons

Patients can visit Inman Dental Clinic with or without an appointment. The facility can handle both regular and emergency services within the working hours. Settlement of bills is relatively easy as a wide range of insurance plans are acceptable while prices are relatively lower than other privately owned dental clinics in the city. However, the clinic does not offer 24-hour services.


Visit the clinic’s website for more details on appointments and other inquiries. You may contact them at their office

1802 Highway 161

N Little Rock, AR 72117

United States

Contact (501) 945-2500

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