Life Smiles Dental Care Review

Life Smiles Dental Care is a dental facility in the state of Arizona. It runs a number of clinics in Phoenix and other places in the state including Chula Vista, Scottsdale, El Cajon and San Diego. The Phoenix-based clinic has displayed a number of features that are unique among the Life Smile Dental Care clinics and the dental care fraternity in general.

Doctors and Staff

In Phoenix, AZ, Life Smiles Dental Care is served by 2 main dentists. Dr. Paul Nielson, DDS, is a 2005 University Of Washington / School Of Dentistry graduate. He has been in dentistry for over 13 years practicing orthodontics and more. Dr. Timothy Schmidt, DMD, on the other hand, is a 2010 graduate from Oregon Health & Science University / School Of Dentistry. The Arizona native has been in the industry practicing orthodontics, endodontics, cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry for over 3 years.

The team of dentists at Life Smiles Dental Care is served by Maryellen a Rio Salado College graduate, Jackie, a Northern Arizona University and Hilary, who graduated from Brigham Young University in Provo. The three women are registered dental hygienist at the Phoenix-based Smiles Dental Care in Arizona. Erin, Janet, Myra, Tori, and Heide serve the Smiles Dental Care as Dental Assistants. The staff has an immense wealth of expertise in dentistry with a wide scope of specialization.


Clients enjoy a wide range of services at the clinic. These include cosmetics dentistry, dental cleaning, extractions and surgery services, implants, dental x-rays, root canals, fillings, crowns and bridges, dentures, partials and general dentistry. The clinic also offers pediatric services as well as periodical and same day treatment.

Customer Reviews

Both Nielson and Timothy are rated 5/5 stars on The rating is based on 49 and 20 reviews respectively. The two dentists and other members of staff are considered to have an extraordinary chemistry that leaves clients more than satisfied. Both Facebook and rate Life Smiles Dental Care 5 stars after 61 and 67 reviews respectively. The clinic has no negative reviews from its clients. They narrate of happiness, positivity and would recommend other patients to use the facility.

Pros and Cons

The billing options at the clinic work for a wide range of insurance plans. They, also, handle late-hour appointments and emergencies. However, the clinic has a few branches against the ever-increasing demand while clients pay for missed appointments.


Life Smiles Dental Care can be contacted at

4611 E Shea Blvd, Suite 250

Phoenix, AZ 85028

Or via phone

(602) 786-5484 for New Patients


(602) 404-7266 for Existing Patients.

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