Midfield Dental Center Review

Having started operation in the late 60s, Midfield Dental Center is among the oldest dental centers in the whole of Alabama. While it started out as a one-doctor dental center, it gradually expanded into a bigger, multi-doctor center that you see now. Even though they have been in operation for several decades, their mission of giving residents of Midfield the best dental care at the lowest possible cost has not changed.

Their members of staff

The dental clinic is co-owned by three doctors – Dr. Jeff Graves, Dr. Anthony Engle, and Dr. Brad Reynolds. To be able to attend to more patients at the same time, five additional doctors/dentists were hired. In addition, there are hygienists, assistants, and other members of staff looking forward to attending to patients.

Their dental services

While you can get a wide variety of dental services in Midfield Dental Center, their major services are sedation, periodontal services, oral surgery, design and installation of invisalign (transparent braces), dental implants, dentures and repairs, cosmetic dentistry, fillings, and annual checkups.

Their opening hours

The clinic is open from 8am to 7pm from Mondays through Thursdays while it opens from 8am to 5pm on Friday. They are also available on Saturday between the hours of 8am and 2pm. Most importantly, it is more advisable to schedule an appointment with them before you visit the clinic. You can call them to make an appointment or click the “Request an Appointment” button on the website. This will lead you to a short online appointment form that you will fill. Unlike several clinics, you can also walk into the clinic to make an appointment.


  • The cost of their services is affordable
  • They are open on Saturdays
  • They accept insurance
  • New patients will get treated without prior appointments


The dental clinic still needs to expand as demand is increasing due to the increase in the population of Midfield.

Reviews on Midfield Dental Center

Although there are numerous reviews on their Facebook page, three were selected at random. One of the selected reviews is that of Robert Hutton who got a tooth pulled in the center. Based on the fantastic experience he had, he gave them a 5-star rating and recommends them to everyone.

Linda Hollie Lee could not believe how nice and professional they are. Even though she had no prior appointment with them, they were willing to treat her. Most importantly, Dr. Reynolds was able to identify the cause of her one-year tooth problem in a few seconds after a mouth examination. The problem was eventually fixed. So, she also gave the center a 5-star rating.

Jen Brooks, another patient, also had a great experience in the center so she also gave them a 5-star rating like the other two patients.

Contact Information

The center is located on 114 Brookwood Road East, Midfield, Alabama (ZIP code-35228). In addition, you can also reach them through the phone number below or through their Facebook page. Another option is to fill their online contact/appointment form

Phone: 205.923.6828

Fax: 205.923.1680