Mint Dental Alaska Review

Despite the competitive nature of the dental care in the United States, the state of Alaska enjoys some of the best practices conducted by some of the notable names in the industry. One of the highly valued dental destinations by customers located in the northwestern extremes of the United States is the Mint Dental at Anchorage, a dental facility that was established in the early 2010s. Mint Dental has some of the best staff, technology, services and client ratings in the industry as discussed in this review.

World Class Staff

The Anchorage-based dental institution is headed by four highly professional dentists. The team is led by Dr. Jonathan McNeild who has a doctorate in Medical Dentistry from Oregon Health Science University in Portland. Jonathan has served the Mint Dental facility, and the industry in general, for many years on general dental procedures, IV sedation and implants services. The team at Mint Dental Alaska, also, enjoys the services of Dr. Kathryn Bickler, a doctorate graduate in medical dentistry from OHSU. The Portland-born dental practitioner is responsible for general oral care including diagnosis, treatment, and management of oral patients.

Dr. Jeffery Bowman is another notable dental practitioner at the Mint Dental facilities. He has over 20 years in the service. He earned a degree in zoology before obtaining a doctorate in medical dentistry from at the Oregon Health Science University in 1994. He has extensive experience in implants, IV sedation, and dental cosmetics. Forth in this highly experienced team of dentists is Dr. Dustin Slunaker, a Cell Biology and Neuroscience graduate from Montana State University. He holds a medical dentistry doctorate from OHSU Portland, OR. specialized in IV sedation and general dentistry.

The Mint Dental team is supported by highly experienced technicians and office attendants whose value is to put a smile on their clients.


Mint dental is open for both emergency and routine dental services. Their services are majorly family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Mint dental clients enjoy dental crowning, dental bridging, dental implants, denture services, porcelain veneers, root canal/endodontics, sedation dentistry, teeth whitening and removal of wisdom teeth. Dental Mint is popular among clients because of the reasonable prices tagged on to their services.

Customer reviews

Clients who have experienced services at the Mint Dental institution have positively rated the technology, services, and doctors. Mint Dental 100 reviews on its Facebook page gives the facility 4.6/5.0 stars. It is rated 4.8/5.0 with 1,520 reviews at and 4.0/5.0 on Despite a few complications by some reviews, most clients show a lot of confidence to the facility.

Opening Hours

Pay a visit the Mint Dental Alaska facilities open on

Mon: 8:00a – 5:00p

Tues: 8:00a – 7:00p

Wed: 8:00a – 7:00p

Thurs: 8:00a – 7:00p

Fri: 8:00a – 5:00p

Sat: 8:00a – 5:00p



The facilities are located at

2665 E. Tudor Rd, Suite 300

Anchorage, AK 99507


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