Pediatric Dental Clinic Review

Finding the best dentist can be hard, but getting an expert who focuses on children’s dental issues can be much more difficult. Years of experience, dexterous hands, and welcoming smiles are what sets Alabama’s Pediatric Dental Clinic apart from the rest.

Kids Love Dr. Merritt

Dr. David H. Merritt, license number 3267, is the principal doctor at Pediatric Dental Clinic. Most kids think of needles and pain whenever someone mentions the word doctor. Children who have interacted with Dr. Merritt, though, remember a warm and reassuring smile when his name comes up in family discussions.

Dr. Merritt’s Credentials

Born in Birmingham, Dr. Merritt earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Alabama. He proceeded to study his calling at the University of Alabama’s School of Dentistry. Dr. Merritt also holds a master’s degree in pediatric dentistry from the University of North Carolina.

Services Offered by Pediatric Dental Clinic are:

  • Infant oral care
  • Pre-school care
  • School-age care
  • Developmental orthodontics

Dental care advice

Perfect Teeth for a Perfect Smile

One study showed that 57 % of Americans rated people with straight teeth as more desirable than those with crooked teeth. Developmental orthodontics can protect kids against social rejection down the road.

Giving Back to the Community

A person who grows up and succeeds in a given place often feels indebted to their community in some way. It is hardly surprising that Dr. Merritt decided to set up his practice here. Naturally, this generous children’s dentist has a name and reputation to protect.


  • Services offered by highly trained and experienced specialists who love children
  • Dentistry practice owned by one of the locals with a name and reputation to protect
  • A Disney-themed treatment area that keeps children feeling relaxed as they wait to see their specialist
  • Services provided by conscientious professionals who give accurate advice, including when to visit a hospital and not the office
  • State-of-the-art equipment and dexterous hands to use them


  • The office may not handle problems requiring extensive dental procedures
  • Children who need sleep before they can receive treatment may prefer a hospital to this clinic


Well, not many patients have left reviews. However, one 2017 review by a repeat customer suggests that the clinic’s clients are happy with the services provided. Given the confidential nature of such services, it is unsurprising that few parents left reviews.

Overall, Pediatric Dental Clinic is a practice most parents and foster parents should not hesitate to use or recommend to their friends. The clinic offers developmental orthodontics, infant care, pre-school care, and school-age dental care. For any inquiries, call: (256) 766 – 0270.

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