River Valley Christian Clinic Review

River Valley Christian Clinic, which is located in Dardanelle, Arizona, was founded at the end of the year of 2006. It was born out of the vision of a small select group of people who wanted to be able to provide a way for lower income families and individuals to be able to have access to medical care. The clinic, thus, is governed by a Board of Directors. The clinic officially opened to serve the public on January 11 in the year of 2007.

Board of directors

Currently, the Board of Directors is formed by Dr. James Carter who serves as the Medical Director, Don Loudon who serves as the Board President, Steve Frick who serves as the Board Vice-President, Harold Barr who serves as the Board Secretary and Treasurer, Suzanne Yelverton who serves as the Director, Ariz Ortiz who serves as the Director, Dr. Stanley Teeter who serves as the Director, Montie Sims who serves as the Director, Don Guess who serves as the Director, Dr. Michael D. McCormick who serves as the Director and Ron McDonough who serves as the Director as well.

Volunteer staff of pharmacists, doctors and nurse practitioners

Moreover, there is a wonderful supply of volunteer staff who bring their impeccable knowledge and valuable skills to serve the patients who come through the doors of River Valley Christian Clinic. The amazing volunteer group of Pharmacists consists of Gary Denton, Marsha Duvall, Mark Chronister, John Cobb, Chris Key, Brett Walters, Vickie Keeter and Johnathan Davis.

Those serving as knowledgeable Medical Doctors are Dennis Berner, Janet Corbett, James Carter, Andy Monfee, Tim Johnson, Stanley Teeter, Karl Sandburg and Robert Thurlby. Among the friendly and helpful nursing practitioners serving are Shelly Daily, Carey Bosold, Melissa Darnell, Bethany Walker, Terry McKown, Rebekah Mize, Jeff Bosold, Erin Baer, Stephanie Miranda, Stephanie Cawiezell and Susan Avant.

More volunteer staff of dentists and optometrists

The volunteer staff yet extends to include a terrific team of dentists. On this team are Dee McCormick, Kurt Hagerty, Scott George, Thomas Spivey, Forrest Bale, Katie Crow-Gates, and John Batson. Furthermore, the team of skilled optometrists is comprised of Jim Lieblong, Lori Canfield, Anne Snider, Amy Daiber, Allison Hall, Becky King, Melia Robertson, Lauren Nelson-Morden and Justin Morden.

What the clinic offers

This clinic is ready to serve those who need the care. There are guidelines for qualifying which are mentioned on the site. However, in emergency cases, the clinic does provide care for those who do not qualify. There is also the addition of a free diabetic clinic. Thus, people can have x-rays done, have a consultation with a doctor or nurse practitioner, get some dental work done or have an eye exam. The staff are friendly and helpful. They make you feel welcome and treat you with dignity.

Recommendation and appointment information

This clinic is recommended indeed, but do note that you must call to make an appointment first.

River Valley Christian Clinic

1714 State Highway 22, Dardanelle, AZ 72834


Open Monday to Thursday: 9 am to 3 pm

Clinics start at 6 pm on the first and third Thursday of each month.