Saline County Children’s Dentistry Review

Saline County Children’s Dentistry is a dental services office that is specially designed for kids and is based in Bryant, Arkansas. You can make a stop at the office to schedule an oral exam for your young one. The dentists at this dental office guarantee that they will take care of your child and ease them through the entire process for the best oral health.

The Staff

The following is the team at Saline County Children’s Dentistry according to their website:

Derek Marks, DDS (Pediatric Dentist)

Kathleen Marks, DDS (General Dentist)

Sarah Farmer, DDS (Pediatric Dentist)

Rita Ribeiro, DDS (General Website)

The website doesn’t have the names of the supporting staff but you should expect a full house at Saline County Children’s Dentistry.

Dental Services Offered

This place offers a range of dental services to improve the oral health of your children. The services offered are as follows:

Preventive dental healthcare

Saline County Children’s Dentistry offers preventive care and oral hygiene to keep the mouth of your child healthy and this means less dental treatment as they grow up.

Other dental services offered include treating a toothache, cut or bitten cheek, tongue or lip, restoring broken braces and wires, treating a broken tooth (teeth) and replacing a knocked out permanent tooth (teeth).

If a child is anxious to the extent that he/she makes the entire process difficult, something stronger than nitrous oxide is used. Oral sedation induces sleep to allow treatment but the child can be woken immediately and respond to commands. Do not be alarmed if your child starts to vomit or is nauseated, this is common with oral sedation.

Charges and Modes of Payment

All major credit cards and insurance plans are accepted at Saline County Children’s Dentistry. The fees charged are in line with the pediatric dental specialists of Arkansas.

Reviews and Ratings

This children dental center has a strong online presence with a 4.8-star rating from 181 people on Facebook. On rateabiz, they have a 4.9-star rating and a 4.3 rating on Google Reviews. The Yelp Page is unclaimed.


Going by the reviews on Facebook, rateabiz, and Google, the services offered at Saline County Children’s Dentistry are top notch.

Customer service is brilliant and any issue that is raised especially on social media is well handled to the satisfaction of the patient.


The one parent policy that states that only one parent can be in the room during treatment is disappointing and it’s no surprise that it’s not well received.

Address and Contact Information

Saline County Children’s Dentistry

3310 Hwy 5 North, Bryant, Arkansas 72019

Telephone: 501-847-7070