Sarrell & Eye Center Review

Sarrell Dental & Eye Center was established as a dental center in 2004 before adding optometry services two years later. It has numerous clinics on both permanent and mobile basis throughout the state of Alabama. The initiative was commissioned by a retired cardiologist, Dr. Warren Sarrell to address the desperate need for dental health care in Anniston and across Alabama for the poor and the young. Here are some mentionings that are identified with the Sarrell Dental & Eye Center.

Doctors and staff

Sarrell Dental & Eye Center co-founding member, Dr. Jeffrey A. Perker is an education and an award-winning philanthropist running non-profit organization interested that have interests in the healthcare system in the United States. He has an extensive affiliation with various reform policies and initiatives on oral, eye and dental care in Alabama.

Serving as the biggest dental and optometric facility in Alabama, the Sarrell Dental & Eye Center is served by tens of specialized dental and eye care doctors from all over the United States and beyond. With over 17 clinics including mobile and onsite service delivery centers, dedicated doctors, technicians and support staff serve more than 175, 000 patients at the Sarrell Dental & Eye Center each year. The institution is affiliated to the University of Alabama at Birmingham, UAB, and the DentaQuest Healthcare Delivery Group to access more professional services while promoting advanced dental and optometric research and education.

Services Offered

Patients at the Sarrell Dental & Eye Center enjoy subsidized dental and optometric services. Sarrell Dental & Eye Center offers all kinds of services dealing with the tooth and its environment as well as the eye and all its associated problems. Due to extensive sources of funding for equipment and services, the Sarrell Dental & Eye Center offers highly specialized treatment to dental and eye-related complications.

Opening and closing hours depending on the location of the clinic.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Despite a large number of reviews on Facebook and other sites, the Sarrell Dental & Eye Center is portrayed as better positioned in the industry. It has 3.2 stars based on 19 reviews on Facebook and 3.5 on Other sites rate the Sarrell Dental & Eye Center between 3.5 and 4 out of the possible 5 stars. Most clients review the facility as affordable, highly specialized and non-regrettable to relate to.

Contact Information

Services at the Sarrell Dental & Eye Center are accessible through specific addresses corresponding to the 17 clinics spread all over Alabama. Find them on their website. The main office, however, is located at the Sarrell Dental & Vision Center – Anniston

230 East 10th Street, Suite #106

Anniston, AL 36207

Phone: (256) 741-7340

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