Thorsby Dental Clinic Review

Dr. Griffin Hornsby, D.M.D is the owner and sole proprietor of Thorsby Dental Clinic. Dr. Hornsby has a degree in Biomedical science and has an Award from the Southeastern Academy of Prosthodontics. During his residency, he traveled around the state working in various clinics with emphasis on Oral Surgery, Sedation, and Implant Surgeries. The Thorsby Dental Clinic was established in local Alabama as there was a need for some of these services in the area.

Dr. Hornsby used to work with Dr. Michael E. Ford, who also practiced general dentistry at the location. Together they helped build the clinic’s popularity. Furthermore, its location makes it a frequently visited clinic, cited as the best place to start when searching for dental care in Thorsby. There is no description of any other staff working at the Thorsby Dental Clinic, but most of the patient reviews claim that Dr. Hornsby’s team is very welcoming and take a great deal of care for their clients.

The clinic specializes in a variety of services ranging from general and cosmetic dentistry, root canals, removal of wisdom teeth, teeth implantation, sedation, and fixing dentures. There is not much detail offered on the official website concerning the specialized services provided under these categories, and neither is there a support feature to make such inquiries.

The reason why Thorsby Dental Clinic is an excellent choice for dental care delivery is due to the location’s convenience as well as its affordability. Dr. Hornsby accepts insurance payments from patients with indemnity plans. The dental charges depend on the needs of the patient. It also offers free replacement or services, should they not live up to standards promised. However, the prices have received somewhat controversial reviews.

The Thorsby Dental Clinic profile has a google rating of 3.9/5. The most important attributes of the clinic are the experience and expertise of Dr. Hornsby, and the staff’s skillfulness when dealing with patients. There were complains regarding the wait time as well as charges from two reviewers, ending up giving 1 star each. Facebook is where most patients interact with the clinic. It has a Facebook rating of 4.9/5, with 42 patient reviews giving five stars. There were two patients not satisfied with the amount of wait time and services provided thus giving 3 & 1 stars respectively. However, given the more significant number of positive reviews, these could be isolated cases.

Being a local dental clinic, making appointments is a physical process as they do not include such features on their site. Thorsby Dental Clinic opens 8M-5PM on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and from 8AM-3PM on Fridays.

  • Thorsby Dental Clinic
  • 12 Minnesota Ave
  • Thorsby, AL 35171
  • (205) 646.3507

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